I’m the Anti-sister

In reference to National sibling day, I’d like to talk about a different type of sister.  I don’t have a sibling, only child here with all the only child issues they write about in psychology books.  I’m looking for National Only Child Day.  National Singleton Day, perhaps?  No? Thought not.  This is discrmination

Anyway, lets get to the post.

I hate the term sister. I will remind you  that I am an only child, and have never had a real sister. We won’t talk about that one I Bart Simpsoned in the attic. You didn’t hear that from me. I have a slave sister which is like a sister wife if you watch that show, only kinkier without the freaky looking husband who needs a haircut.

When someone calls Emily my sister I throw up a little in my mouth along with a moaning vomit sound deep in my stomach. Sorry if you were eating. You probably think I am being mean to Emily but she knows this. We’ve laughed about it. I have sniggered and given her sid- eye when we were called “sisters.” Excuse me while I shudder. She giggles. Emily is a giggler. I’m not a giggler. You could tell that, couldn’t you.

She loves being a sister. She uses the word a lot. I think mostly because it annoys me but also because she is the poster child for slave sisterhood. She is all in with poly. She’s rolling around in her poly house, her hands flying in the air in bewitching joy. Unicorn slippers on her feet, flayling around on a cloud of poly. She has glitter stuck to the side of her face from the posters she made for “poly is family too” march. I was the one hiding behind the telegraph pole sipping town coffee and reading the Female Eunich.

There are woman in the lifestyle who throw around the word sister and love the sound of it and I say “you go, girl,” but please don’t use it with me. Friend. Confident. Misadventure co conspirator, but not sister. Even poor- much maligned in this blog- Emily is not sister. Maybe one day she can be, she aspires to be, she tells me, though god knows why, I’m a total bitch. Maybe one day, but today is not that day.

How did this sister thing take off?

If you are poly, is she your sister? Or Brother? This is an equal opportunity blog.

10 thoughts on “I’m the Anti-sister

  1. I’m not poly so take this with a grain of salt, I’ve always been annoyed when people use familial titles for people who are not actually family. Like Uncle this or Auntie that when referring to close friends. For that reason I don’t imagine I would like having someone referred to as my ‘sister’ when they really were not. Just my two cents. 🙂

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    1. I shall take your salt and your pepper. I think it’s my “only child” issues that make it difficult to get on the sister bandwagon. I understand the desire, the community and dare I say it, sisterhood, I’m just twitchy with the word. I don’t like the pseudo aunts and uncles either.

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      1. LoL I hear you! I’ve been thinking on this topic since I read it and I now remember that in my teens my father would ‘adopt’ kids and refer to them as my ‘brother’ or my ‘sister’. It was a short period of time so I had almost forgotten. It used to drive me batty as well, and I have two real brothers! 😛
        That might have been because he was never much of a father … *shrug* so there is that lol
        I look forward to reading about your journey! 🙂

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  2. It was such a simple request to comment here, but sometimes I get stupid.

    I know how you feel, I was an only child until my Mom and her pet monster with the two junior pet monsters. Ugh. BTW, tell your … uh … friend Madness hi for me. I miss her postings.

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  3. I have never been in a poly relationship. I am not strictly opposed to the idea but I think the dynamic is complicated and unless all the people in it want the same thing I dont think it works that well. I have seen both, poly households that work flawlessly and those that are borderline dysfunctional. I think if I was ever to be in a poly dynamic I would want the submissives to be as much in love with each other as they were with me. Otherwise it is just twice the work.. and I work hard enough as it is…


    1. We use to love each other very much but he didn’t manage it well and it all went wrong. But that was then, this is the future. I’m not naturally inclined to poly but poly is what I am in and I will make the most of it. I admit with a lot less vigor less excitement but I am cultivating interests of my own that I am excited about and I think everything will be good.


      1. I wish you all the best in those indevers. Love can be both beautiful and cruel. Sometimes both at once. I know that better than most. I hope your scales balance more toward the beautiful.

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      2. Thank you. I think with the right frame of mind it can certainly be more cordial and enjoyable. Beautiful things can be found is so many ways. I’m finding them more in personal endeavors and maybe that was the lesson all along


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