Looking forward.

There is only so much looking back and wondering what went wrong I can do.

I’m not a naturally negative person. I know it seems like I am but usually I’m a glass half full girl. I tend to shake things off and move on but this year has seen a change in me. I’ve been drowning in my emotions and frankly wallowing and I don’t like it. I try and see the light in the dark for the most part but for some reason I’ve been keeping the lights off.

I don’t like that about myself. It’s miserable and I imagine it’s equally so for people around me.

While I was walking today, I saw this guy sunning on a rock. He looked very satisfied with his activity. I was out of sorts at the time, grumbling to myself about the injustice of it all and I stopped to watch him. He poked his tongue out at me but didn’t seem interested in conversation. He was doing his thing, not worrying about anyone else doing there thing.

I decided that’s what I need to do. Do my thing and not worry about what anyone else’s thing is. Their thing, at this time in my life, doesn’t interfere with my thing and I’ve been letting it interfere way too much. I need to be content with my thing. It’s not the old thing. It will never be that glorious thing again and that’s okay. Moments pass and so does time, but it is a thing and it will be alright as a thing.

I need to look forward, and do my thing.

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